Early Intervention Centre
Zlin o.p.s.

Early Intervention means a field service support for families with children in the age group of
0–7 years, who are either disabled or whose development is at risk due to health-related problems.

Středisko rané péče EDUCO Zlín z.s.
  • The main mission of our Early Intervention Centre is to provide field services for families with disabled children in the age group 0 – 7 years in the regions of Zlin and Olomouc in the Czech Republic. With respect to Individual needs of each client and with high attention to human rights, we provide professional help and support to families in order to improve their quality of life. We guide them towards their eventual self-sufficiency and aim to decrease their reliance on social aid system while improving their vulnerable social conditions. The services are provided in the clients’ homes.
  • Support to families in times of crisis, help when coping with their child’s disability
  • Provision of care in accordance with the family’s time and location possibilities
  • Support in learning the ropes of the social, legal and educational systems
  • Encouragement to families in making their own decisions and being independent
  • Enhancement of a child’s social and mental development stage in areas of their disabilities
  • Increase of awareness about early intervention services among the public
Target Group

Families (or a legal guardians) with a child in the age group of 0 – 7 years, who is disabled or faces difficulties in their development, specifically:

  • a child with a mental, physical or combined disability or with autism (even in combination with sensory impairments, unless these stand at the core of their development disorder)
  • a child at risk due to health-related issues (ex. premature child-birth, low birth weight, etc.)

Centre Capacity: 100 families

  • The Early Intervention Services are provided free of charge by professional consultants
Services provided
  • Support to families in times of crisis
  • Field counselling directly to families
  • Professional advice in working, playing, and communicating with a child as well as methodical guidance for parents, counselling in the ropes of child’s development
  • Renting educational and stimulation toys, gadgets, equipment and literature
  • Social and legal counselling, support in dealing with administration
  • Linking clients with other professionals
  • Bringing clients together through creating networks between families
  • Education for clients as well as for general public - professional seminars and workshops
  • Principle of Protection of Rights – the service provider fully complies with the human rights of each client as well as with all the norms and rules linked with life in society; this way no rights of clients can be violated.
  • Principle of Empowerment – each client’s right to information in a requested extent is well respected by the service provider, so is the right and responsibility of a client to decide for themselves.
  • Principle of independence – the service provider supports each client in search of the development of their own capacity and ability to manage the situation they face independently
  • Principle of Dignity – the service provider respects the individuality of each child and the cultural, social and educational differences of each family
  • Principle of Protection of privacy – privacy of the family will never be violated by a visit of our worker in their home
  •  Principle of Individual Approach – each client is treated with individual respect for their specific needs, rights, dignity and will.
  • Principle of Right of Choice – each client can always decide on acceptance or rejection of services offered by the centre, about the range of worker’s support; the aim of worker is to motivate and never to decide for the client
  • Principle of Partnership - throughout the service provision, our client is considered an equal member of a team, whose rights, dignity and free will are always respected
  • Principle of Natural Environment – most of the services are provided in a home environment, however, the client does have the opportunity to use the centre’s facilities for a consultation.
  • Principle of Professional Approach – the service provider can guarantee safe and professional methods of work of high quality
  • Principle of Flexibility – the process of service provision is not pre-determined, its form, range and extent reflects the actual needs of a client
  • Principle of Continuity – each client is informed about providers of continuous and supplementary services throughout the service as well as afterward

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